I’ve always wanted to put together a personal project but I could never think of something specific for the longest time.
Iphone Only is a personal detox project.
As a photographer, It’s hard for me to not bring my camera everywhere I go and also, not to be picky about angles and what I am framing in front of my eyes. After realizing that the greatest opportunities come only once in front of us and that sometimes there is no time to set up a whole camera + 5 lenses, I’ve decided to only carry my Iphone 7 and create some magic with it.
I want to learn how to think out of the box and how to compose with such small (yet amazing) tool.
All galleries displayed here are shot with my phone and edit also through VSCO app.

Lets learn to create and hold on to memories independent of what we have in hands.
The most important is to look back and have something to carry with you.