My gear

Now that I decided to update my website and add a few extra pages + tabs, I also decided to include an “education” section where I get to share what I know and what has worked for me as a business.
To start, I’d love to share my gear, what I use and when I use it.
Here we go:

This is basically what I have inside my PELICAN CASE 5010.
I have two bodies, a few different lenses and tons of SD cards.

1. Canon 5D Mark III
2. 85mm 1.2 II L
3. Flash 600 EX – RT
4. Canon 5D Mark III
5. 135 mm 1.2
6. 50 mm 1.2
7. Sigma 35mm 1.4
8. Sigma 24mm 1.4
9. Pelican card holder and a mix of 32gb & 16gb SDs.

I definitely bring everything with me while shooting weddings.
Once I get to the venue I see how flexible the ceremony site is. In case I get to have access to get closer around the corners and move around, I might use my 85mm in one body and then my 50mm on the second body.
If the venue doesn’t allow me to get any closer, I might switch to the 135mm

PORTRAITS are done with 35mm. I know a lot of people had issues with the sigma 35 before but I absolutely love it!
RECEPTION / DANCE FLOOR I’ll use my 24mm during the whole thing.
EXITS I’ll use my 50mm to get more light in it and make sure I get good sparkler picture.

I bring two bodies but only carry one with me.
My two lenses are always the 35mm / 50mm and then a wide one, 24mm.

This is Hold Fast Money Maker harness.
This thing has definitely changed my life for better.
While shooting weddings, I absolutely hate carrying a side bag with me simply because it hurt my back which makes me leave it on the floor while snapping photos. Because of that, I have many times moved around from location to location and realizing that I needed to change lenses or cards and my bag was ways away.
I like having everything with me, so I also bought an (10) explorer pouch, which is hooked to my money maker. I add 1 or 2 extra lenses to it, plus some SD cards. I can grab it anytime I want and I know exactly where things are.
Also, because the harness cross on your back, the weight is always even, which means = less back pain for me.

Number (11) is my hand strap also from Hold Fast. I switch to this one while shooting dance floor + exit.

VINTA has these cool (and compact) backpacks that I love.
As a small person, I hate having such a huge thing on my back but I also love to have plenty of space to safely carry my gear.
This one is perfect with tons of pockets and perfect size to fit 2 bodies and at least 4 lenses.
I only use my backpack when traveling or exploring / hiking.

Yay! That’s it friends!
I hope this can be helpful to the ones starting out there :)

    • Spencer said:

      So good! Can't wait to come back to see what else you share ✌

    • Dilara said:

      this was so educational for me! i appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge :)

    • Aubrey said:

      Omg i am looking at buying a new body and a new lens to add to my bag and was literally JUST thinking "I wonder what she uses" and bam! You posted this. You're rad. Thank you so much :)

      • VBPadmin said:

        Of course girl! So glad I get to share this :)