Nicole + Joshua – Drive In Theatre

Last Friday, Nicole, Joshua and I parked by the Starlight Drive In Theatre to take some photos.
I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody as rad as they are!
We only had 45 min before sun was down and the lot was full with other cars so we rushed to get the best shots and also have some fun!
Yep, they are just tooooo adorable <3

VIC_1069 2016-08-29_0001 VIC_1071 VIC_1326 VIC_1093 VIC_1128 VIC_1163 VIC_1177 _panorama_2016-08-29_0002 VIC_1169 VIC_1225 VIC_1231 VIC_1235 VIC_1241 VIC_1248 VIC_1259 _panorama_2016-08-29_0004 VIC_1287 _panorama_2016-08-29_0005 VIC_1302 VIC_1313 VIC_1321 VIC_1362 VIC_1385 VIC_1407 VIC_1411

    • These are so gorgeous! What a creative spot. Definitely love all these shots.